Marine Services



w   Draft surveys to determine weight of solid and liquid goods.


w   Checking of vessels holds to ensure cleanliness prior to


     loading of goods.


w   Checking of vessels' winches and determining loading and


     unloading capacity.


w   Damages survey and determining of liabilities.


w   Inspection of high seas towing operations, including tug,
       towed vessel and low cables.
  w   Loading, stowing and storing supervision, and tallying of
       vessels and containers.
  w   Supervision of transferring goods from one vessel to
  w   Checking fire-fighting, deck and hauling equipment, as well
                       as repairs and maintenance of vessels' machines.
                  w   Making sure of non-existence of gas leakage liable to
                       provoke fire or explosions within the inner section of
                       the vessel.
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